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Lauren is the owner of FIT4MOM Chicago Loop. She has been a kindergarten teacher for the past 8 years and now has moved her passion for teaching and working with children into her FIT4MOM business. She moved to the south loop of Chicago in 2014 with her husband Jason. In 2016 Lauren became pregnant with their first child. Working out and staying active was always a high priority for her and she was determined to continue that during her pregnancy. While pregnant she searched around in her area for Pre-natal fitness programs and found that there were none in the south loop. She was able to find pre-natal yoga classes that she loved to attend but wanted more strength training as well. Once she had her son Theo she continued to workout once she was medically cleared and realized quickly that it wasn't as easy with a child. She then started to bring him in the stroller down to the gym in the building where she lived. She sang him songs while she ran and used the stroller to do different leg excersies. While doing this she realized that many other moms probably felt similar about working out, finding time or finding a sitter while they would go to the gym. So she looked into what FIT4MOM was and immediately fell in love with the company. She attended her first class at FIT4MOM Chicago in 2017 and from that point on has never looked back! FIT4MOM is not only a community of mothers who believe in physically fitness and want to maintain their health, but it is also a community of families that come together and enjoy the time spent working out, having playdates, meeting neighborhood friends and mommy nights out :)


Stroller strides and Fit4baby Instructor

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